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This is me.
And my cat.

I’ve been working as an illustrator
and graphic designer since 2001.
During that time, I’ve worked nine
years as an Art Director at Wolfgang,
a design studio in Stockholm.
I’ve also studied motion design
at Hyper Island with an internship
at Digital Kitchen in Seattle.
Now I’m working freelance.
The cat is called Leia.

MTV Match Machine

Who is the one for me?

Creative agency Wenderfalck created the MTV Match Machine, to help love starved teens all over the world find the answer to that question. A facebook app that would match you with someone in your friends list. The app was a big success with over 84 million completed tests and 7 million shares, so I got to make a case film for it. Lovely!


Com Hem – Bredbandsskolan

Swedish internet service provider Com Hem wanted to help those who are frustrated with their connection.
So they founded “Bredbandsskolan”, an online tool kit to educate their clients about internet and broadband.
Together with the good people at Com Hem, I got to make this film for the school.
Art direction, script, illustration, animation, sound and music all made by me.
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Bibliotek24.no is an online service from the libraries of Norway where you can download free e-books to a device of your choice. Made with the Norwegian agency Innoventi
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Sveriges Radio Play

A thrilling teaser trailer for a documentary airing on SR – Swedish national radio. The documentary covers a spectacular failed kidnapping in Sweden, where a student and her boyfriend drugs a classmate using a meat pie spiced with sleeping pills.

Swedwatch – CSR in Conflict Areas

When doing business in an area affected by conflict there are a lot of things you need to consider, even if your company only plays a lesser role. This film from Swedwatch stresses the need for companies to have appropriate mechanisms in place to address adverse human rights impacts directly linked to their customers in conflict areas. Made with Rundfunk and Viktor Khan.

adidas x SNS – autumn stories

For the release of “autumn stories” – an adidas shoe designed by renowned sneaker store Sneakersnstuff – I was honored to make a campaign inspired by Systema Naturæ style illustration. The launch was divided into three short spots highlighting the three defining features of the shoe – cordura fabric, primaloft lining and reflective details. Here’s all three combined in one video.

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The Invisible Racism

Peaceworks came to me asking for an animated short that would help open people’s eyes to the fact that not everything is perfect in Sweden after all. Their school project “Låt Stå” challenges kids and young adults, as well as school teachers, to start talking about what it really means to be swedish. The film is in swedish with english subtitles.

The Legendary Sasquatch

An attempt to capture the spirit of the Sasquatch! Music Festival 2014. Shot with my Olympus OM-D E-M5. A personal project done during my time at Digital Kitchen, borrowing the Sasquatch logo as well as the music.

Hello Buck

For my Hyper Island internship I really wanted to go to Buck. So I made them this little video. Ultimately I ended up going to Digital Kitchen in Seattle for three amazing months.

The song is “The Blue Danube” borrowed by Ray Noble and his Orchestra.

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The Secret Life of Sushi

See it animated on Vimeo! Illustrations for swedish online food delivery brand Mat24. Made at Wolfgang.

Officeline Lei

Campaign website for the office chair made to support women at work

This site tells the story of Lei –
built by Officeline and designed by renowned swedish designer Monica Förster. Awarded with the Awwwards Site of the Day in November 2012. Made at Wolfgang, project partner ABLE Film.

Go see it already!

Möt dina konflikter (Meet the conflicts)


As the last project at Hyper Island, we were tasked to create a video for Medlingscentrum, a client working with conflict management for various businesses in Sweden. We wanted to visualize that conflicts are essentially good, but if you don’t take care of them they can grow big and nasty. My role in this was initial concept and later illustration and animation.


















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