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This is me. And Leia.

I’ve been working as an art director since 2004, first for the online lifestyle magazine SuperLounge and then at Wolfgang, a sweet design studio in Stockholm. Right now I’m working freelance and studying motion graphics at Hyper Island. The cat is called Leia and yes, I’m a crazy cat man.

Hello Buck

For my Hyper Island internship I really wanted to go to Buck. So I made them this little video. Unfortunately, Lady Buck didn’t smile on me and it didn’t work out. Maybe they thought I was a bit too creepy. So, hello and goodbye I guess. For now.

The song is “The Blue Danube” borrowed by Ray Noble and his Orchestra.

Officeline Lei

Campaign website for the office chair made to support women at work

This site tells the story of Lei –
built by Officeline and designed by renowned swedish designer Monica Förster. Awarded with the Awwwards Site of the Day in November 2012. Made at Wolfgang, project partner ABLE Film.

Go see it already!

Möt dina konflikter (Meet the conflicts)


As the last project at Hyper Island, we were tasked to create a video for Medlingscentrum, a client working with conflict management for various businesses in Sweden. We wanted to visualize that conflicts are essentially good, but if you don’t take care of them they can grow big and nasty. My role in this was initial concept and later illustration and animation.



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Illustrations for swedish online food delivery brand Mat24. Made at Wolfgang.

Dear Fear

HYPER ISLAND Creative Task 2013

Dear Fear is a movement dedicated to changing the way we perceive fear. No longer looking at fear as a menacing force of evil, but instead appreciating what it means to us. In order to grow we need fear, it makes us feel alive. And fear can even be fun. Especially some of the ridiculous phobias.

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Metropol Palais

A series of posters inspired by the six signature cocktails of french bistro and bar Metropol Palais in Stockholm. Inspired by old french poster designs. Created digitally but made to look hand drawn, to fit the old style theme of the bar. Made for Wolfgang.
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Grosshandlarens kokbok

An old style, traditional swedish cookbook for the restaurant Grosshandlargården, made at Wolfgang. Concept, art direction, photography and illustration. Written by Erik Almqvist (Swedish Journalist of the Year 2009) and with photographs signed renowned food photographer Pepe Nilsson.


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The 4G Challenge

An interactive game, made for Ericsson

A game developed in 2011 for Ericsson in which the player gets to optimize the deployment of 4G in a fictional city. Concept, design and sound design. Project partners Ola Laurin and Communication.

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Claesson Koivisto Rune

Website made in 2010 for swedish architect studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. Made at Wolfgang, project partner Ola Laurin.

See the website
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Some songs for you

Here’s a Spotify playlist so you can get a feel for what it’s like having me in an office space.

Get used to it