Airbnb – Curated Restaurants

A great meal shared with friends, old or new, can make a trip special. That’s why, starting today, you can book a table at nearly 650 restaurants across the United States directly through Airbnb, powered by Resy. Together with agency Bokeh I got to illustrate as well as handle the character animation in this spot created to highlight the launch of the new “restaurant tab” in the Airbnb app.

Moody Foodies

We cut ‘em, fry ‘em and slice them everyday and no one thinks about them. The foods of the world are always getting the short end of the stick. Or the sharp blade of the knife. Download and stick them on your messages today!
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Mr Porter

For New Years Eve 2018, Mr Porter asked me to create this editorial piece for their magazine The Journal, a five step guide to be happier and more successful. Got some stellar animation help from my boys Viktor Khan and Ed Moulder, 3D- and cel animation respectively.

Food, drink & cancer

Cancer is terrible, random and almost impossible to predict, but did you know one third of all forms of cancer can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle? Cancerfonden is a swedish independent nonprofit organization founded 1951, with a vision to beat cancer. Animated in part by Viktor Khan.

Sveriges Radio Play

A thrilling teaser trailer for a documentary airing on SR – Swedish national radio. The documentary covers a spectacular failed kidnapping in Sweden, where a student and her boyfriend drugs a classmate using a meat pie spiced with sleeping pills.

Com Hem – Bredbandsskolan

Swedish internet service provider Com Hem wanted to help those who are frustrated with their connection.
So they founded “Bredbandsskolan”, an online tool kit to educate their clients about internet and broadband.
Together with the good people at Com Hem, I got to make this film for the school.
Art direction, script, illustration, animation, sound and music all made by me.